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Education and Experience Result in the Best Outcomes for Any Condition

When considering rehabilitation practices from clinic to clinic, it is obvious that great disparity exists regarding the best methods for effective treatment. ASPT believes that education of the patient in their condition and control of their symptoms is a priority in the plan of care. This combined with hands on treatment results in excellent outcomes.

Specialized Treatments & Programs

Stenosis, Degenerative changes, Postural abnormalities, Fractures, Sciatica, Nerve compression, Headaches, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction.
Treatments include: Postural correction, Body mechanics education, Job specific activity modification. Manual therapy, Modalities for pain control, Spinal traction

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Idiopathic or acquired scoliosis.
Treatments include: Spinal elongation exercises, postural strengthening, manual therapy and modalities for pain. Advice concerning appropriate sports and health club exercises

Spine Programs »

Diabetic, Idiopathic and chemo therapy induced peripheral neuropathy can result in burning pain, poor balance, difficulty walking and sleep disturbance. PN in the hands causes difficulty with finger dexterity to fasten buttons or zippers and can cause you to drop objects. A thorough evaluation including testing of protective sensation as well as hot and cold is performed to determine the extent of the sensory disturbance.
Treatments include: Range of Motion, Strengthening and balance retraining. Gait reeducation, Manual therapy, modalities for pain and to increase circulation. Advanced Spine Physical Therapy is one of the few clinics offering PhotLight Therapy for nerve healing and increased circulation. The unit allows for 7 different wave frequencies to be used to target specific tissue in the body thereby producing the best results in the shortest time.

Neuropathy Program »

Breast surgery can cause restriction of shoulder range of motion, affect posture and cause pain.
Treatments include: Education in appropriate stretches and exercises, Self soft tissue techniques to prevent development of scar tissue from the surgical incision or radiation, Manual therapy and modalities for pain and stiffness. Studies have shown that the PhotoLight Therapy is beneficial in control of pain and regaining range of motion following mastectomy.

Breast Cancer Program»

Dizziness can come from inner ear problems (BPPV), upper cervical joint and soft tissue dysfunction following whiplash injury, poor posture or following stroke or TIA. A thorough evaluation is necessary to determine the cause and appropriate treatment to be performed.
Treatments include: Canalith repositioning, gaze stabilization and eye tracking exercises, postural correction, balance retraining, manual therapy and modalities as needed.

Vestibular / Diziness Program »

Any joint in the body can develop pain due to injury or overuse. Tendonitis, arthritis, sprains and strains are the most common.
Treatments include: Activity modification, range of Motion, Strengthening and stretches, Manual therapy and modalities for inflammation, pain and stiffness.
Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, MS, Weakness or difficulty walking. Studies have shown that a course of intensive physical therapy can benefit the neurological patient by improving balance, gait pattern and gait speed to enable safe participation in the community.
Treatments include: Strengthening exercises, balance and gait reeducation using the LiteGait Partial weight bearing device.

Neurological and Balance Program >

Symptoms include weakness, fatigue, difficulty walking. As with any weakness it is important to not overuse or exhaust the affected muscles.
Treatments include: Advice concerning activity level, bracing, strengthening exercises.

Post Polio Program »

Fibromyalgia, Polymyositis Rheumatica, Lupus can result in extreme pain causing decrease in activity, strength and ability to function normally from day to day.
Treatments include: Manual therapy for pain, education in control of your condition, advice in pacing of activities to enable you to achieve more, appropriate exercises and stretches.
Knowing what to expect following your surgery makes your recovery a lot easier. The correct exercises and activities will contribute to excellent outcomes. One preoperative visit to educate the patient in post operative exercises, the correct way of getting in and out of bed or the chair, from the toilet, in and out of the car, up and down stairs and use of the appropriate walking aid has shown to decrease and in some cases avoid nursing home stays.

If you are scheduled for surgery to the spine, joint replacement or rotator cuff repair you will benefit from pre operative instruction.

Following spine surgeries: laminectomies, foraminotomies, decompressions, fusions and disc replacements it is important to receive the correct physical therapy so as to not compromise the outcome of the surgery.

Treatments include:  Education in correct posture and body mechanics to enable healing of the surgery. Manual therapy and modalities for pain and swelling. Scar tissue and neural mobilization. Core and postural strengthening exercises.

Advanced Spine Physical Therapy realizes the importance of preventing and managing medical conditions. Read more about how we can help you achieve this >

Education in posture, body mechanics and the correct use of your body to protect joints, slow down progression of disease and prevent cumulative stresses is essential for young and old, healthy and infirm. Every patient at Advanced Spine Physical Therapy is given the tools to help themselves achieve this.

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Here’s what our patients have to say:

“Treatment was fully explained, as well as diagnosis. Continued exercises has definitely made an improvement. All exercises were spot on.”


“I cannot thank you enough for your help. Your professionalism and your explanations were marvelous. I feel so much better now and with your exercise plan, I am confident I can continue to live without pain. Thank you again!”


“My daughter was experiencing back pain during school, but after visits at ASPT and practicing the exercises, my daughter is pain free! They were thorough and attentive to what was possible at each visit, encouraging for her to continue to build her strength after discharge.”