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Advanced Spine Physical Therapy

It’s never too late to embark on the path of recovery.

Our highly experienced physical therapy staff have the tools and the know how to give you the one-on-one outpatient treatment that facilitates not only your healing but your thorough understanding of the injury, illness or dysfunction being treated. So that you can do more, with less pain.

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Patient Success Stories

Here’s what our patients have to say:

“Therapy on my hip and lower spine has been very satisfactory. I now have little to no pain in those areas and have progressed from walker to cane most of the time.”
“Once again I am feeling much better because my therapist was so good about helping to alleviate my pain issues and educate me as to how I can take better care of my back problems.”
“Treatments were very helpful but the most important take away was management of my daily life and changes that I have been able to implement in my daily routine.”
“My therapist was just terrific. Very patient and very good at showing me what I should be doing at home. As a result of her work with me, my knees are stronger and I have far less pain.”