There are many different diagnoses throughout the spine that respond to Physical Therapy. The key to success is educating the patient as to their diagnosis, control of symptoms and prevention of further progression of their condition.


Symptoms arising from the Cervical Spine can be:

  • Headaches.
  • Ear and facial pain.
  • Pain or numbness down the arm.
  • Weakness in the arm or hand.
  • Sleep disturbance.
  • Difficulty turning the head, especially when driving.
  • Difficulty looking up or drinking from a can.
  • Difficulty reaching overhead.


Thoracic spine symptoms can be:

  • Knife like pain through the chest, when taking a deep breath or coughing.
  • Difficulty twisting.
  • Difficulty reaching overhead.
  • Radiating pain into the arm pit or around the chest.


Lumbar spine symptoms can include:

  • Low back pain, increased with sitting, standing or walking. Depending on the causative structures.
  • Sleep disturbance with frequent change of position or pain and numbness down the leg.
  • Pain or numbness down the leg either intermittently or continuously.
  • Weakness of the leg with possible “giving in”.
  • Increased pain with coughing or sneezing.
  • Difficulty with household chores.
  • Difficulty dressing or performing any bending activities.
  • Limited walking tolerance due to buildup of pain in the legs, relieved by sitting down or bending over.


Symptoms include:

  • Point specific pain over the SI joint.
  • Referral of pain down the thigh.
  • Difficulty sleeping on your sides.
  • A feeling of “imbalance” as if you have one leg longer than the other.
  • Pain into the buttock or pelvic floor area.

Advanced Spine Physical Therapy has experienced Physical Therapists that perform a thorough evaluation to determine the causes of pain and dysfunction.


  • Postural evaluation.
  • Range of motion and strength testing.
  • Evaluation of mobility of the nerves into the arms or legs.
  • A specific home exercise program of core and postural strengthening exercises.
  • Strengthening exercises for weakened muscles in the arm or leg.
  • Education in correct posture and performance of all daily activities.
  • Work station setup and advice concerning frequent exercises and stretches.
  • Education in avoidance of provoking positions or activities.
  • Neural mobilization.
  • Manual therapy including joint and soft tissue mobilization.
  • Muscle energy techniques to reposition the SI joints.
  • Disc decompression and other modalities for pain and stiffness.
  • Practice of good materials handling techniques eg lifting from various heights, pushing and pulling. You will know how much you can do safely.

After completing the Physical Therapy, the patient will know how to perform all activities safely and be able to control their condition, thereby having increased activity and function with better quality of life.

Post Spine Surgery Rehabilitation

Advanced Spine Physical Therapy works in close contact with the surgeon, ensuring that each specific protocol is followed. Success of the surgery is imperative to following the precautions and recommendations set out by the surgeon.


  • Education in the precautions pertaining to your surgery. Including bed mobility, transfers, stairs and activity level.
  • A progressive exercise program from isometric to dynamic exercises per your surgeon’s recommendations.
  • Neural mobilization exercises to prevent adhesions around the nerve root.
  • If a brace is necessary after the surgery, you will be advised of the correct weaning procedure.
  • Specific strengthening exercises for weakened arm or leg muscles.
  • Balance and gait reeducation.
  • Manual therapy to relieve muscle spasms and prevent scar tissue formation.
  • Modalities to reduce pain and muscle spasm.
  • Advice about future health club exercises and what to avoid.

Advanced Spine Physical Therapy appreciates that no surgery should be taken lightly. We encourage the patient to be involved in their recovery at a safe level so that you will not have to undergo further surgery in the future.

Advanced Spine Physical Therapy conducts ongoing satisfaction surveys. We encourage feedback from our patients to ensure continued high quality of service and the excellent reputation we have achieved.