Studies have shown that early Physical Therapy intervention will lead to better outcomes following breast surgeries, reconstruction and radiation.

How Physical Therapy can help:

  • Education in the protocol and precautions for your specific surgery.
  • Guidance in exercises and stretches. It is important to know the correct level of activity when exercising and stretching. Not too much and not too little.
  • Prevention of postural deviations which could result in Cervical and Thoracic pain
  • Regain Range of Motion and soft tissue mobility to prevent limited use of the arm for dressing or overhead use.
  • What health club exercises or activities to avoid.
  • Radiation causes adherence of the deep tissue. Gentle soft tissue mobilization is important to prevent this. Self mobilization can be necessary for years to come.
  • Lymph drainage is compromised when lymph nodes are excised. Instruction in self¬† lymphedema drainage and/or compression garments can control unsightly and unhealthy swelling.
  • Neuropathy following chemotherapy can be 100% resolved with Photo Light Therapy.
  • Emotional support in being able to answer your questions concerning your surgery and return to normal activities.

We encourage the patient to be proactive in scheduling Physical Therapy.

Advanced Spine Physical Therapy is committed to giving the best service and support following the devastating diagnosis of Breast Cancer. Education is the key to obtaining the best possible outcomes following any breast surgeries. We look forward to supporting and helping you to resume your active lifestyle safely.

Susan Kuhling, PT has provided support to many Breast Cancer survivors. She is coordinator of the Breast Cancer Program and keeps herself up to date with the latest research and studies in attending regular continuing education courses.