Dr. Stephanie Weinstein joined Advanced Spine Physical Therapy in November 2017, bringing her love and previous participation in running, marathons and triathlons to add to expert treatments for these athletes. She is a welcome addition to our other 7 PTs.

ASPT has expanded our programs to include neurological conditions affecting the ability to move freely. Two of our PTs, Dr. Jennifer Wright and Dr. Amanda Quanstrom have become certified in the LSVT Big & Loud method. We have been getting excellent results not only with Parkinson’s sufferers of all levels but also the elderly who are having balance problems and difficulty moving, walking and rising from sitting.

As the older population grows, we all need to work towards keeping them injury free. Part of this is predicting and preventing illness and injury. Certain tests have been shown to predict the health status and safety in the community and or the potential for falls. These tests are quick and easy to administer but can be of the utmost importance for the elderly. Based on the results the physical therapists at ASPT will recommend the correct exercises for the patient thereby keeping them strong and confident.

Any period of inactivity such as bed rest or hospitalization for whatever reason, affects the strength and endurance of the elderly and can lead to falls with resulting injury or death. A thorough functional evaluation can determine any potential risks which can be addressed with a course of physical therapy. We can see the elderly patients for testing to determine how they compare to others in their age group and to receive advice concerning their exercises and safety.

Please remember that Advanced Spine Physical Therapy staff is committed to giving excellent service. Regardless of their condition, all patients find benefit from the education and advice that they receive, enabling them to be able to enjoy their activities safely.