Advance Spine Physical Therapy has been part of The Brain Health Program for MS sufferers over the past year.

The program consists of weekly three hour meetings spread over a 6 week period and includes sessions from Dr. Augusto Miravalle, neurologist, The importance of exercises and physical fitness by Carol Barclay, PT, Arts in Medicine & Music Therapy, Symptomatic Therapies, Patient/Care Giver support, Nutrition, Mental Fitness, Gait & Balance.

Functional Ability questionnaires done pre and post show an improvement in Gait, Balance & Fatigue. This has been very encouraging and gratifying to all of us that participate in the program.

Carol Barclay, PT has given 2 presentations on the importance of exercise and more specifically Balance and Eye Exercises for MS at both the MS society conference and at the Brain Health Program Annual Dinner.

Dr. Nathan Austin and Dr. Gwynne Jones have both become MS Certified Specialists and are achieving excellent results in the treatment of MS.