Our Physical Therapists do not only treat Spine Conditions

Carol Barclay PT. Administrator. Public Presentations, Injury Prevention seminars.
Post Offer Pre Employment Screenings

Dr. Nathan Austin DPT. General Orthopedics, MS, Sports Injuries, Posture &  Balance Disorders, Foot & Ankle

Carol Cropp MSPT. Vestibular, Dizziness, TMJ, SIJoint Dysfunction, Headaches, Sports Injuries, General Orthopedics

Susan Kuhling PT. Geriatrics, Neuropathy, Breast CA, Balance Disorders, General Orthopedics

Scott Sallin, PT. McKenzie Certified Practitioner. Spine Conditions, General Orthopedics, Work Injuries.
Fluent in Spanish – Habla Español

Donna Tegethoff PT. Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Certified Functional Dry Needling, Spine Conditions, General Orthopedics.

DeeAnn Vink PT. Post Polio, Chronic Pain, Soft Tissue Disorders, Spine Conditions, Vestibular

Dr. Stephanie Weinstein DPT. Certified in Active Release Techniques of the Upper Extremity, Shoulder Diagnoses, Shoulder Surgeries, Scoliosis, Headaches, General Orthopedics, MS

Dr. Jennifer Wright DPT. Certified Manual Therapist, Certified Functional Dry Needling, Certified LSVT BIG practitioner for the  treatment of Parkinsons, Stroke, Spine Conditions, Foot & Ankle