Bridget Langello

Bridget Langello, graduated with a bachelor’s in health and exercise science with a concentration in sports medicine from Colorado State University in 2021.

Born and raised in Arvada, Colorado; Bridget has an extensive background in competitive gymnastics. She has been coaching high level athletes for 10 years, with an emphasis in injury prevention and the importance of flexibility. Throughout her gymnastic career, including competing for the CSU club gymnastics team, Bridget has a wide-range of experience with physical therapy from a patient and PT Aide perspective. Coupled with sport medicine and personal training classes in high school grew her passion to become a physical therapist.

Bridget has strong beliefs in the power of flexibility and in pain relief. Experiences with gymnastics and rehabilitation of injuries; stretching became a core part of her teaching and has been instrumental in her own physical progress. After moving to Fort Collins to pursue her education in the health science, Bridget thrives in mentoring others during their stretching routines. Her numerous years of high-level gymnastics coaching has helped her clients obtain their short and long term goals.