Advanced Spine Physical Therapy wishes to participate in the health & well being of everyone. The reduction of cumulative stresses throughout the body is paramount in preventing deterioration of joint surfaces, thereby decreasing the necessity of surgery. Strength & flexibility of muscles support the skeletal structure & reduce tension on the joints.

Falls contribute to injuries that can lead to death in the elderly. By maintaining good balance, the majority of falls can be prevented. Fear of falling is reduced & life can be enjoyed fully.

ASPT’s Wellness Program consists of 2 consultations to assist in the education of posture & body mechanics to reduce stresses and maintain safe balance.

The consultations are as follows:

1.     Evaluation of your posture, body mechanics & strength. Balance & gait speed are assessed to determine safe community ambulation & risk of falling.

An individualized exercise program will be prescribed. Education in balanced posture & healthy body mechanics will be given.

2.     Review of & progression of exercises. Education in safe lifting techniques at various heights & determination of safe maximum lifting ability.  Correct work station &driving postures. Discussion of correct performance of daily activities, sports & recreation.