Carol Barclay, PT

Carol Barclay, Physical Therapist and owner of Advanced Spine Physical Therapy

Carol Barclay completed training as a Physiotherapist in Aberdeen, Scotland in Feb 1971 receiving best student award of her graduating year.

Carol returned to South Africa, her homeland and worked for 2 years at the H.F.Verwoerd Hospital in Pretoria treating conditions varying from postoperative rehabilitation following general surgeries, organ transplants and following open heart and lung surgeries as well as general orthopaedic and neurological conditions.

Carol returned to Britain in 1973 and worked at The London Hospital in Whitechapel for a year and at that time was involved in assisting with studies for a new total knee replacement and talo-navicular replacement developed by Mr. Michael Freeman. In 1974, Carol worked at The Princess Margaret Rose Orthopaedic Hospital in Edinburgh. She treated conditions from clubfeet in babies to spinal surgeries for adolescent scoliosis and joint replacements. She worked closely with Mr. J.I.P.James, pioneer of the Harrington Rod surgeries.

In 1975 on her return to South Africa, she presented a paper at the Jubilee celebrations of the South African Physiotherapy Association on the treatment of scoliosis. She founded her own physiotherapy practice, which she successfully operated until 1990. During that time, she presented a paper at the South African Medical Association, Orthopaedic Congress on rehabilitation of the shoulder. Carol was the first Physiotherapist to be invited to speak at this international congress. Conditions treated at her private practice included postoperative rehabilitation for total hip, knee and shoulder replacements as well as following involved spinal surgeries. Carol became a certified Manual Therapist in the Maitland method of joint mobilisations and manipulations and later assisted in teaching the techniques. She was a committee member and chairlady of the South African Physiotherapy Private Practitioner’s Association.

Carol came to the United States in 1994, working for HealthSouth in Fort Collins. She became Spine Coordinator for Northern Colorado and site manager for two clinics in Fort Collins. She was awarded a Fellowship of the American Association of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists in 1998. She became a certified Functional Capacity Evaluator in 2002.

Carol founded Advanced Spine Physical Therapy In 2000 .