As an avid race car driver and fan at the race track, I appreciate the importance of being competitive, otherwise why would we do this?

Part of being successful is being multifaceted.

Knowing the race track and being able to drive it with awareness of braking points, apexes and passing zones requires integration of the left and right sides of your brain. This can be honed with practicing eye exercises, cross over exercises, stretches, and practice focusing your eyes at different distances. Do this in the trailer before buckling into the race car.

Do not eat a heavy meal, hamburger or burrito, before a race. A fruit smoothie will not sit heavy on your stomach and thus ideal. Drink plenty of water as dehydration can cause dizziness and difficulty focusing; both of which could endanger you and everyone else on the race track.

Rest well the day before the race and then enjoy yourself at the after party and awards ceremony,  hopefully with yourself in first place.

Whether you are work on your own car, helping with a friends car, or are employed by a professional team you need to be aware of using good body mechanics while working on the cars.

-Tools and wheels can be heavy so make sure you lift close to your body. If you lift 10lb at arms length, you put an extra 100lb of pressure through each disc in your back!

-Keep yourself limber to enable reaching into confined and awkward places. This is crucial in being able to perform at 100% and quickly. Working quickly is crucial when the cars come into the pits for wheel changes or in the race garage for repairs after an accident. Sometimes it might take all night to repair damage for the next day.


Here are some tips to do your stretches using equipment that is all around you at the race track. Take a moment to do them during the day and you will avoid injury and be able to perform your activities more efficiently:

  • Lean back on a wheel to stretch your lower and upper back. Take a few deep breaths to open the rib cage. As you see Pirelli tires are the best!


  • Hamstring and low back stretch.

  •  Use the tire cart for support when stretching your calf muscles.

  •  An air hose can be used to stretch your pecs and shoulders.


Have fun at the race track, keep yourself strong and healthy and above all be safe.

Thanks to the crew for allowing me to take these photos and giving me the idea of posting them so others can benefit.

-Carol Barclay