Dr. Jennifer Wright, DPT, MTC, LSVT BIG Certified

Dr. Jennifer Wright, DPT graduated with a doctorate in physical therapy from the University of St. Augustine, FL in 2013.

She received her Manual Therapy Certification in Jan 2015 covering Advanced Spinal Examination, Evaluation and Manipulation of Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Pelvic-Hip complex, Cranio-Facial and extremities as well as Myofascial Manipulation. Jennifer is LSVT BIG certified in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. Jennifer has her level 1 and level 2 Functional Dry Needling certification.

Jennifer grew up in Littleton and completed her BSc in Exercise Science Sports at CSU.

Before joining Advanced Spine Physical Therapy, she worked at the Greeley Center for Independence, Inc. Hope Therapy and pool where she treated orthopedic conditions in patients of all ages, achieving excellent functional outcomes. She also treated patients that required aquatic therapy. Patient caseload was In shoulder surgeries and lower extremity joint replacements.

Jennifer has experience treating all musculo skeletal diagnoses with an emphasis on manual therapy to achieve excellent results with her patients. Further experience includes treatment of neurological conditions including Transverse Myelitis, Guillain Barre Syndrome, TBI and Down’s Syndrome. Jennifer grew up doing gymnastics and riding horses. She is very active in the gym with functional strengthening including kettle bells.

Jennifer leads an active life style enjoying running, hiking and snowboarding in her free time.

Jennifer joined Advanced Spine Physical Therapy in 2015